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Gasoline Engine Additives


Synthetic gasoline additiveMARLY CTi Synthetic Multifunctional fuel additive for gasoline engines which cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system. It cleans and lubricates valves, injectors and carburetors and contains a specific component that optimizes the combustion process.

  • Improves engine efficiency and power output
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Enhances engine driveability
  • Increases engine life
  • Reduces toxic emissions and smoke


engine and exhaust pipe

valve seat
valve seat visible wear
Visible wear
of the valve seat
valve in perfect condition
valve in
perfect condition


Gasoline Additive for Old Cars

C2000+ / Lead substitute

Old cars additiveC2000+ Concentrated Lead substitute is a fuel additive developed for cars that have not been designed to run on unleaded fuel. C2000+ does not contain toxic metals like lead but uses Potassium instead. It forms a very resistant film on the valve seats.

  • Protects the engine against valve seat wear and recession
  • Catalyst friendly
  • Does not modify the fuel octane number
  • Saves you money by allowing use of unleaded fuel
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