25 September 2022
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Marly Zenox

Why Marly has developed Zenox® products

Marly and the ‘automotive’ phenomenon: a common history.

Zenoz labo

Founded in 1919,Marly initially manufactured and marketed oils and lubricants to meet the demanding requirements of heavy industry.

As the automotive market grew and its technology advanced,Marly’s expertise was applied to this challenging area. In the early 1930s, Marly introduced a range of specially formulated automotive lubricants, based on solid graphite dispersions, which were designed to improve the performance of conventional products.

Car industry has gone trough an incredible evolution, so has MARLY.

Today,Marly is an extremely modern company which is number 1 in its activity segment.

Is my expensive engine oil not good enough?

Modern cars are equipped with high-tech engines, to meet the demand for more power, less maintenance and a reduced fuel consumption. That’s the reason why motor oils become more fluid (low viscosity), the lubricating film being thinner. This results in more metal to metal contacts with higher friction and wear.

Drive Time Diagram

80% of engine wear occurs in cold starts!

This is a very important fact: 80% of engine wear occurs during cold starts and the 8 following minutes.

When you start the engine, the metal surfaces rest in their bearings. That’s why they are subject to a very high level of friction and wear during the first revolutions.

Research has proven that conventional motor oils do not work efficiently under 70°C, this temperature being reached after 10 to 15 minutes.

An average European drive takes 12 minutes…