25 September 2022
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Tuning forum VAG Technique

Marly Zenox

Zenox® lubricants performance test results

The Shell four ball test is a configuration to measure the efficiency of lubricants. A metal ball rotating at a certain speed is pressed against 3 fixed balls with a certain pressure.

Four Ball Test Wear Scar Four Ball Test Extreme Press
The average width of the scar in the 3 balls is a reference for the wear level. The smaller the scar, the less wear there is. In this test the pressure on the ball is increased untill welding of the four balls occurs.
Extreme Press Fail Load Kinetic Friction Coefficient
In this test an axe is placed between two V-blocks, and the pressure on the block is increased until the axe ceases. The kinetic friction coefficient is calculated thanks to the results of the’V-block’ test