25 September 2022
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An 'ULTRA' revolution in engine treatments!

ULTRA Professional products are not sold directly - contact us if you are interested or please consider the Wx2 range.

Gasoline Injection System Cleaner

ULTRA Cleaner Injection GasolineULTRA Cleaner Injection Gasoline

Gasoline Injector Ultra Cleaner is a professional curative for gasoline injection systems. The new technologies used and its extremely concentrated formula, containing cleaning and lubricating agents stemming from nanotechnologies, confer on this cleaner uncontested efficacy to date.

Nanotec® active detergents will clean and eliminate deposits and calamine from the entire feeding system (tank, pump, injectors, valve and combustion chambers) to restore optimal fuel injection, while avoiding costly dismantling. It can be used for all types of petrol engines, with direct or indirect injections, turbo- and non-turbo compressed.

How to Use

  • Pour the Gasoline Ultra Injector Cleaner (1.5 litres) in the tank containing at least 30L and at most 45L.
  • Drive normally and go regularly up from 3000 to 4000 rpm.


  • Curative cleaning of the injection system without dismantling, by simply adding 1.5 litres of Gasoline Injector Ultra Cleaner in the fuel tank.
  • Clear increase in engine output
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces polluting gas and greenhouse-effect emissions (Co2, CO, HC and Nox)
  • Stabilises the idling speed
Diesel Turbo and Exhaust

Turbo & Exhaust ULTRA Cleaner

Turbo & Exhaust ULTRA CleanerIs the professional product which enables the cleaning of the turbo, the variable geometry, the catalytic converter and the particle filter, without disassembling. Its concentrated formula is based on nanotechnological active components that will eliminate soot form the variable turbo geometry, catalytic converter and particle filter.

Ultra Turbo & Exhaust Cleaner is suitable for all types of diesel injections: common-rail, piezo or classic (HDI, DCI, TDC, TDI...) and unit pump injectors, with or without particle filter.

Use of the Ultra Cleaner

  1. Pour Turbo & Exhaust Cleaner in the tank (1,5 litres) and fill it up with at least 30L and maximum 45L of gasoil
  2. During the duration of the treatment preferably use lower gears in order to maintain the engine regularly above 3000 tr/min
Diesel Injection

Diesel Injection Ultra Cleaner

Diesel Injection Ultra Cleaner

Is the professional treating detergent for the diesel injection systems.
New technologies and the highly concentrated formulation, containing detergent agents and lubricants from the nanotechnology, provide unparalleled effectiveness to date.

The active Nanotec® detergent agents will clean and eliminate deposits the carbon in the entire fuel system (tank and booster pump, high pressure pump and flow control, common rail injectors, puits d'aiguille? and injector tip) and restore the different phases of fuel injection, thus avoiding costly disassembly.
Suitable for all types of diesel injections: common-rail (piezo or classic) (HDI, DCI, TDC, TDI...) and unit pump injectors, with or without particle filter.